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Muted colours, sculptured silhouettes, original materials, avant-garde cuts and impeccable level of tailoring skills, Masnada is fashion that exists outside of time.


The Italian brand Masnada is more than 10 years old. In 2007, Angelo Iannello assembled a team of experienced, talented and passionate designers – highly experienced in working with major fashion brands and even including masters in costume production for the British theatre – and launched his own brand. From the outset, Angelo gave full priority to issues of quality: the Masnada garments are the fruit of centuries-old Italian tailoring traditions (all are handmade in Italy) and are produced by ethical artisanal labour. As such, all are made in Italy. 

 Masnada is also, of course, about the fabrics. Each season, Angelo's team introduces new, originally produced materials to the collection.  The brand team follows the development of new technologies very closely, for instance, regarding this as the engine that pushes fashion forward, and comes up with unique materials that combine the properties of several fabrics at once. These might be an unusually finished linen or cotton, or could be completely new fabrics combining the properties of several existing materials at once. Only one thing is constant: all Masnada fabrics are natural, pleasant to the touch, and totally unlike the fabrics of other brands.


The brand has a male and a female line, both holding true to a single aesthetic vector. Iannello believes that the natural world around us is already incredibly beautiful, and so is in no need of anything extra. You will not come across any glaring colours in Masada’s collections – only soft shades of sand, stone, foliage, clay and earth. The brand’s clothing is always a little muted in tone, like a watercolour, and the designers themselves do not chase trends. Because of this, they are able to create timeless things that do not depend on fashion for fashion’s sake. The tones likewise soften a certain theatricality encountered in the use of complex materials. In addition, they love to playare skilled in working with form and silhouette at Masnada: the designers literally sculpt their outlines around the human body. And, importantly, they devote careful attention to both the male and female lines: these are not duplicates of each other – each represents an aesthetic statement in itself.the clothes are often supplied with zips and fasteners that can be used to change the silhouette in moment’s notice.

Angelo stresses that he and his team do not aim to please everyone. Their key goal is to satisfy the Masnada client. In this case, talk of quality is not empty words: the founder often states that the design and production process is no less important to him than its final outcome. Thanks to this approach, Masnada's clothing incorporates handmade details, with an inner lining that is as beautiful and impeccable as the outer face, (ssomething, by the way, which has long been considered an indicator of skill in the tailor’s craft).

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