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"In a world filled with noise, Smoke x Mirrors creates music" - the slogan of this young American brand of glasses has become the script by which its rapid development is taking place.

The brand appeared in 2015 in SoHo - the creative heart of New York.

It was founded by the cousins ​​David Shabtai and Roi Ironi, who had decided to bring to the market a brand of glasses with verified design and impeccable quality, all at an affordable price.

The designs are made in New York and production is based in France (each model is assembled by hand from start to finish) – the investment in quality quickly paid off, and the models have proven so successful that the brand immediately won over a whole host of celebrity fans from Solange Knowles to Ethan Hawke.

The brand has also been noticed by the major department stores: Smoke x Mirrors glasses can be purchased at Bergdorf Goodman, Alchemist, Fivestory and Barneys New York (Shabtai and Ironi even made a limited edition model for the latter). In less than two years Smoke x Mirrors has turned from an indie brand for New York’s creative bohemia into one of the best independent brands on the accessories market.

The founders of the brand were destined from birth to play a role in the fashion industry: their family is behind the famous watch brand Raymond Weil and the Di Modolo line of jewellery. "We were born into a business marketing and manufacturing environment," Shabtai explains. This clearly goes some way to explaining the success of the brand, which was conceived from the very beginning as a business with a worthy goal - to bring good sunglasses out of the prohibitively priced accessory niche. 

The founding cousins believe that objects can have a soul and that glasses certainly do – as the most personal of all things, worn, after all, directly on your face.

SMOKE x MRRORS 'Bad Tennis' Campaign
"We approach eyewear as a means of fashion innovation. Outside of our core collection, we release diverse, radically different capsule collections and collaborations that don’t necessarily adhere to a set identity. This is where the name Smoke x Mirrors comes in. It gives us the freedom to play and experiment with design, to push boundaries on the technical and aesthetic level," say the founders. 

The brand produces several lines of sunglasses and prescription glasses. The Geo line, for example, has geometric frames and broken silhouettes. The Swing line, on the other hand, is made up of classic sunglasses, in which one might easily imagine such stars of the past as Marlon Brando or Audrey Hepburn. The brand also has capsule collections, released on an on-going basis, - such as the fun Sodapop, inspired by the disco era and the candy designs of the fifties. 

In other words, the creators of Smoke x Mirrors strove to give people of all aesthetic preferences the ability to find the glasses of their dreams in their assortment.

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