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"Go to my stores and you will find me there in any element" - Hannes Roether

Hannes Roether appeared in 2005 in Munich as a brand of men's clothing. The founder and designer of the brand that bears his name believes that items of clothing are less important than the person who wears them. 

Hannes Roether's clothes are therefore designed first and foremost to emphasize the owner's personality. The designer achieves this by using original fabrics, including seamless cashmere and heavy cotton.

Hannes Roether never shows his face - you will not find his photos on the Internet. "Go to my stores and you will find me there in any element," he explains. Indeed, the shops of Hannes Roether are worth a look. 

The interior of each of them is unique: Hannes returns old furnishings to the premises and removes from them everything that was not originally present. Except, of course, the clothes that are turned in this context into objects of art: conceptually tailored parks of soft cotton jackets and cashmere jumpers set against a backdrop of antique musical instruments and walls of crumbling plaster in as organic a manner as possible.

HANNES ROETHER Store at Maastricht


Just such a desire for the natural manifests itself in the collections of Hannes Roether, where the greatest attention is paid to comfort: for example, a skilled seamless knitting technique is used so that the sweaters are barely felt on the body, and the reinterpreted cotton and leather that have become one of the most recognizable features of the brand. 

Hannes has borrowed the practical elements (pockets and large buttons that do not hinder movement) from work clothes, transferring them to the world of premium clothing. The uniform part of Hannes Roether's DNA was so instantly recognizable that Hannes was invited to make uniforms for the employees of Munich’s legendary Golden Bar. And so now the waiters and bartenders within the golden walls of this establishment wear leather aprons of the finest manufacture and artfully dyed two-tone denim shirts.

Employees of Golden Bar in the uniform by HANNES ROETHER

The innovative materials, laconic (but not simple) cuts and deliberate brutality of Hannes Roether's clothing have attracted architects, artists, musicians and other creative people from Munich to Paris and New York, where Hannes presents his collections. And although he insists that he became a designer only by chance, and considers himself more of a stylist, it is obvious that Roether is engaged in pure design - utilitarian, unhackneyed, with hidden meanings, and brought to life with the assistance of high-class craftsmen and designer fabrics.

"I always strove to create my own little world that would live by my rules," explains Hannes, and he has certainly succeeded in this.
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