Exchange and Return

You can return or replace goods purchased in our shop within 14 days from the receipt of your order. We recommend to start the return/replacement procedure within 3 days from the receipt of the goods so that you have enough time to complete it. Returns and replacements are free of charge.

You can only return or replace goods that are completely new – without signs of wear, washing, or exposure to any other factors that may have changed their aspect. It is also mandatory that you keep all the labels, tags, and stickers. You cannot return or replace sunglasses, underwear, and hosiery.

Fill out the form (you can download it here) and put it in the box with the goods you wish to return or replace, enclosing the receipt. If the payment for the order was made with a third person's credit card, you must enclose a scanned image of the card holder's passport. As soon as we have received the item, you will be sent an email notification. We will then ship you the new item you have requested (in the event of a replacement) or refund the cost (minus the delivery fee) within 10 workdays.

To request a return at our website:

1. Log in to your account by clicking on your name in the upper right-hand corner.

2. Switch to the Order History tab.

3. Click on "See Details" next to the order in question.

4. In the Order Details window, click on "Return/Cancel Order."

5. Specify the reason why you would like to return the goods and click on "Send Request."


Our manager will contact you to finalize the details. Within several workdays, a courier will pick up the goods you wish to return.

Alternatively, if you are dissatisfied with the order, you can call us at +7 495 908 97 96 or send an email to In this case, we will fill out the necessary forms ourselves.

If the order was delivered through PickPoint, you can return the goods at your convenience through any PickPoint postamat or pick-up point that offers goods return service.

To return the goods through PickPoint, you need to:

1. Choose the nearest PickPoint terminal that accepts returns (see terminals on the map).

2. Fill out the return form (available for downloading here) and put it in the box along with the receipt.

3. Seal the box and indicate your cell phone number on the box.

4. Select "Отправка заказов" ("Send Order") and press "Возврат продавцу" ("Return to Seller").

5. Enter the code you used when receiving your order in the postamat.

6. Apply the sticker with the details of your return issued by the postamat.

7. Place the parcel in the open postamat cell and keep the record of your return.

8. As soon as the item has been delivered to the shop, you will be sent an SMS notification.


The average time of return delivery through PickPoint is 7 workdays. Delivery from remote regions of Russia may take up to 21 workdays, in which case we are willing to negotiate an individual return policy with you.