Delivery in Moscow and St. Petersburg

Delivery to addresses in Moscow and St. Petersburg is free of charge and takes 1–3 workdays from the moment of the order confirmation.

Delivery to other Russian cities

Deliveries within Russia take up to 7 workdays from the moment of the order confirmation. The delivery fee is 500 rubles.

International delivery

At the moment, we do not ship goods to other countries, but the service will be added within the next few months. If you are interested in a certain item, please write to us at

Delivery options

We offer three delivery options:

- Courier delivery via the DPD service;

- Postal delivery via the Russian Post;

- Delivery to PickPoint postamats and pick-up points.

Courier delivery

We outsource courier deliveries to our trusted partner, the DPD company. After your order has been submitted to the courier service, you will be sent an SMS with a tracking number for your parcel. As soon as it arrives in your city, a DPD manager will contact you to schedule delivery to your address.

Postal delivery

If you have selected this delivery option, we recommend that you install the Russian Post mobile app. The app will enable you to track your parcel and will notify you as soon as it arrives at your local post office. Alternatively, you can track your delivery at the webpage. You will get an email with the tracking number of your parcel as soon as it has been submitted to the postal service.

Delivery to a postamat or a pick-up point

The PickPoint service is an alternative to postal or courier delivery. You can choose to receive your order at a postamat (an automated parcel terminal) or a regular pick-up point at your convenience, without having to wait for the courier. PickPoint terminals are located in shopping malls and hypermarkets. You can track your delivery at in the "Мониторинг доставки" ("Delivery Tracking") section or in the PickPoint mobile app. A delivered parcel is stored in the postamat or at the pick-up point for 3 consecutive days. You can prolong this period to 5 days by calling us or the PickPoint customer support service at +7 495 984 31 22. The storage period can only be prolonged once.

How do I receive my order at a PickPoint postamat or pick-up point?

1. You will need to enter the code in the postamat (after selecting the option "Получить заказ" – "Receive Order") or present it to the pick-up point employee.

2. Select your local PickPoint terminal.

3. Select delivery by PickPoint when placing your order

4. As soon as your order has been delivered to the selected postamat or pick-up point, you will receive an SMS and an email notification with the code number of your order and the pick-up deadline.

5. Remember to keep your record of receipt.